More than 100 people volunteer for us each year and make a difference in the life of thousands.

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Our founder

Last February,the partnerships of  The John Paul II Institute and the Flor de Maria Rizo School in Jinotega Nicaragua was held in Managua Nicaragua. This partnerships  will permit these two institutes to support each other by technology development and better education.

The Specialized Technical Institute John Paul II (ITEJP) is a non-profit organization registered in Nicaragua and in the United States. It was founded by Monsignor Silvio Fonseca in 1996 for young people from low income families who have the aptitude to acquire technical skills.

Foundation History

Nineteen years ago I founded the John Paul II Technical Institute in Managua, Nicaragua for impoverished young people who wish to learn a vocation. In addition to vocational training, I wished to instill the moral values that John Paul II so often preach to young people throughout the world. In this way,  I pray that both the individual and society will benefit. It is perhaps Divine providence that many friends and social institution in Nicaragua and elsewhere supported this vision, and the Technical Institute became a reality. Each year about 200 students leave the Institute to find their way in Nicaragua society. to help support the needs of the institute, I hope to develop a support group of friends here in the United states, to fund scholarships, maintain the buildings and equipment and provide necessary teaching supplies.
 The cost to support one student is approximately one dollar a day. The Institute is open year-round, so the cost per student one year is about $360. This is well beyond the means of the young people we hope to educate. I am asking you to share your blessings and make a donation to the Institute.

we have begun the process of establishing this campaign as a non-profit organization, please be assured of my personal commitment to serving others, especially the poor and the young who will share in the social development of Nicaragua.

Msgr. Silvio Fonseca


Let’s put an end to poverty world-wide!

Monsignor Silvio Fonseca

In this video you can see the wonderful work developed  in theInstituto Tecnico Especializ do Juan Pablo II en Managua Nicaragua



Our programs are designed so that while students are in the school and after they graduate they can support the institute through work and social contribution, thus repaying some of the benefits they received from the efforts, dedication and faithfulness of our donors.


To train students to become technical workers with human and christian values capable of applying their knowledge to the benefit of their fellow men and women and the economic development of the country.


To contribute to the development of the country by training high-quality technical workers to meet the requirement of industrial, construction and general services sector of the country

Distinguish guests from Washington, Fred Ahearn director of the sociology faculty of the Catholic University,  and officers of the board of directors in Virginia, Presidents Carlos Cea and  Vice-President Pablo Ibar v isited the Institute. Mr. Perez carries out a project which involves sending students to the Managua for contribution with its expertise in education.