Let’s put an end to poverty world-wide!



You can donate to the John Paul II Technical Institute, Outreach online through Paypal.  Your donations will go to support the Technical Institute’s students.

Monetary Donations
Donate ITEJP-USA.org with no handling fee
Send a check directly to  the John Paul II Technical Institute : PO BOX 8792, FALLS CHURCH, VA-22041

Charitable donations and volunteer time 
The John Paul II Technical Institute is in constant need of support for our student’s program. You can donate  to  the John Paul II Technical Institute by sending it to our office. When we receive your donation, we will mail you a donation receipt. 

Event Donations
JPIITI holds some fundraising events throughout the year. In-kind donations can be used for prizes in raffles. The Annual Friends of  the John Paul II Technical Institute I, pledge campaign, or food and drink, and assistance for events.


Questions about giving? Email us jp2usa@itejp-usa.org or call us at: (+1) (703) 398 6345 or (703) 863 5190 for more information.